10 Digital Marketing Challenges Solved with AI

Written by Mazhar Suleman

Are you facing challenges in Digital Marketing? AI is your Savior.

In this article, we’ve listed 10 of your biggest Digital Marketing Challenges and how they are solved with Artificial Intelligence.


You and us…we’re all striving for maximum business growth, which is essential for survival in the cutthroat business world today. While growth doesn’t only come from digital marketing, it’s absolutely guaranteed that effective digital marketing will result in exponential growth for any business. However, digital marketing comes with many disruptors because it’s always evolving and its strategy is continuously being revised due to emerging technologies and tools.

As 2018 reaches its final quarter, digital marketing continues to see a boost as millions of people gain access to the internet and connect globally. This increase of a digital market creates newer challenges and opportunities, as well as risks and threats for digital marketers. To take advantage, businesses need to be pro-active and find innovative solutions to all the different challenges.

We’ve conducted an extensive research of the latest digital marketing trends and highlighted the 10 Most Common challenges facing businesses today:

  1. Traffic but no Conversions
  2. Maximize Growth
  3. Search Ranking Competition
  4. Social Media Saturation
  5. Programmatic Marketing
  6. Marketing ROI
  7. Website Management
  8. Identifying the Right Technologies & Tools for Your Needs
  9. A Shift to a Younger Demographic
  10. Mobile Marketing to Drive In-Store Sales


AI is the Solution

Since most of us struggle with these pain points, we studied how successful agencies tackle these issues and found a single answer: Artificial Intelligence.

No, not the “replacing humans” type of AI; We realized most of the latest solutions to traditional marketing challenges, as well as the main driver behind constantly changing digital marketing trends is the application of Artificial Intelligence to optimize strategies and enhance business growth.

We can already see that computers are and will increasingly be in charge of bigger and bigger decisions. Almost all digital platforms collect and store analytics to analyze customer patterns and create personas for better marketing.

Using AI-based solutions to optimize your digital strategy can increase efficiency and generate more revenue. By incorporating the latest technologies to shape your growth strategy, you no longer need to understand the technical nuances of AI to address your marketing challenges. Benefits of AI in Marketing

 Here, we'll share the detailed AI-based solutions for 10 digital marketing challenges:

1-Programmatic Marketing

The biggest problem with programmatic marketing is that most marketers have heard about it, but few know how to do it well. Gartner’s latest report explains, “By Year-End 2017, Programmatic Buying Will Account for 80% of Digital Display Ad Spending.”

Programmatic allows us to automate digital advertisements across the internet including Facebook, Pandora, Smart TVs, Google and countless other platforms. Programmatic technology uses artificial intelligence to match the ads available in its system with the need of the customer and displays the ads that outbid other available ads, all in a split second. These platforms have access to most websites available on the internet and their real-time bidding has proven very successful in lowering ad cost and increasing ROI. Bester Capital Media offers Programmatic marketing to helps deliver the best solutions for publishers, brands, and agencies.

2-Traffic but no Conversions

The most common digital marketing problem faced by businesses is extremely low conversion rates compared to the clicks and traffic they usually get. It’s a frustration faced by many who spend money for clicks, but see almost no increase in sales. The three major reasons behind these challenges are:

  • Targeting the wrong audience
  • Ineffective Landing Pages
  • Mixed Messaging

AI can confront the conversion dilemma by identifying the right audience who have a bigger intention to purchase, based on insights gathered from online customer behavior. This helps marketers create purpose-built landing page designs optimized for conversion, as well as utilize the best channel to drive traffic. In conclusion, AI creates effective digital marketing campaigns, matches landing pages to the offers, and optimizes the style and messaging of the original content for better conversion.

3- Maximize ROI and Growth

Businesses work around one main goal – to maximize profit. This results in performing all tasks with the primary focus on Return on Investment (ROI), which becomes the biggest factor for businesses in determining which digital marketing campaigns to run.  However, maximizing and measuring Marketing ROI has constantly proven as the top biggest challenge year-over-year.

After many experiments and thorough research, we’ve concluded that there's no better investment than service level agreements (SLA) combined with inbound marketing. Inbound organizations with SLAs are 3X more likely to rate their marketing strategy as effective compared to outbound organizations with misaligned sales and marketing teams.

AI can solve numerous ROI maximization and growth challenges faced by marketers and brands, such as:

  • Prediction of customer profitability
  • PPC: Deliver optimized results to boost conversions
  • Discovering the price that ad networks are willing to pay for an impression
  • Performing regular competitor analysis
  • Creating content marketing campaigns to boost brand engagement
  • In-app promotion, finding the probability of an impression converting
  • Identifying the optimum times of day to serve an ad for target consumers
  • Discovering the probability score for a user to engage with an ad

In the future, AI will be a basic requirement for businesses even though it is seen as a competitive advantage for businesses. Successful marketers need to embrace the latest AI technologies to stay ahead of changing market trends and their competition.

Read part 2 for the remaining seven digital marketing challenges solved with AI here soon.

What challenges do you face? Share your experiences in the comments below:

Originally Published September 6, 2018 12:00 AM, Updated February 19, 2019.

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