3 Digital Marketing Solutions for Growing Your Business

Written by Sannia Tiwana

If you own a business on a smaller scale or whether you are the owner of an enterprise, handling your website in-house could be tricky and could demand a lot of effort from your end to get it ranked. But every problem that exists has always a solution that you need to find. Organizations who are inclined towards learning and adapting with the current trends in business are more prone to achieve their successful milestones earlier than many others.  Let us provide you with a solution that can help you reach the milestone in your online presence. Here are 3 keys to unlock the success gate towards your business’s digital growth. Let’s get started.


1. Google Analytics

Your website is like a store that you own and you must know who visits your store and what they are looking for. Just like customers come for window shopping in your shop and your sales agents market them your products for future or give them pamphlets for next visit similarly, tracking your visitors behavior on your website gives you a chance to market yourself to your window shopping customers or your potential customers. 

Let us explain what you can see on your website using Google analytics.

  1. Check how many people are now visiting your website.
  2. What cities and countries do your visitors come from?
  3. Identifying the devices that your target audience uses
  4. Knowing what they are interested in on your website 
  5. The channels that bring in the most visitors
  6. Maintain a record of your marketing campaigns.
  7. Keep track of how visitors utilise your website.
  8. Check out which pages are the most popular.
  9. Examine how quickly your website loads.
  10. Calculate the site's conversion rate.
  11. Keep track of your best-selling items and who buys them.
  12. Keep track of any clicks that occur on your website.
  13. To look at certain users, segment and slice the site activity.

Just wondering if you have the above information about your visitors, you can make a thousand predictions based on this and can modify your website and services accordingly. And one last additional thing that might attract you the most, Google Analytics is free of cost. 

2. Google Search Console

Now let’s get into some more detailing of your online strategy. Let us tell you about the Google search console and how it could be beneficial for your business’s online presence. Google search console keeps on giving you alerts about your website if something’s wrong on it for example if a page disappears from your website or if your website’s interface is not friendly to any device such as mobile. It also has the following benefits that you can attain. 


Link building: opportunities can be found by looking at which sites link to your website.
Data on traffic: Find out how frequently your site appears in search results and more.
Reports: Quickly generate performance reports to evaluate the SEO health of your site. Link-building opportunities can be found by looking at which sites link to your website.


3. Ahrefs

Google wants to help you in getting the best possible rankings which is why it has partnered many tools to help you find the right keywords for your website. Ahrefs is a well-known digital marketing tool that works well with Google Analytics and Google Search Console. 


You can check which keywords get you ranked in the search console along with letting you know what type of keywords your competitors are using. This is a great tool to help you build a great SEO for your website. Although there are many other tools and strategies that you can use to strengthen your online presence, these 3 solutions can provide you with a solid foundation for a long-lasting online presence and the highest ranks. 


Originally Published November 16, 2021 10:30 AM, Updated December 14, 2021.

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