Business Tips for Acquiring Leads from LinkedIn Outreach

Written by Sharoon Emmanuel


LinkedIn outreach can go a long way for businesses if used with the right tactics and strategy. While this channel can prove to be profitable for you, it is important to know the art of targeting your potential customers in a cost effective manner. On average, people skim through the first few sentences before considering it important or worth discarding so making an impact is critical to ensure success. To compete with others doing the same, businesses need to rethink their approach to secure their acquisition chances in the already flooding inbox of prospects.

So, here are a few tips to help you hit the bull’s eye when it comes to LinkedIn outreach: -

Using LinkedIn, you can reach out to potential clients via personalized and straightforward communication. Here’s how you do it.

·         Use the short “Connect Note” for a personalized messaging

·         Send an outbound message similar to an email

·         Follow-up after reaching out

Connect Note

In the cyber space, it is all about creating connections. When connecting people, leave a note that’s straight to the point, letting them know why you’re reaching out. Since there’s a 300-character limit, keep the message brief and to the point, focusing mainly on how you came across their profile.

Outbound Message

Well, to be quite honest, there are chances that connect notes may altogether get ignored, this is where you shift gears. If you aren’t able to get attention in the first go, try hitting them up with a direct message that’s clear, concise and relevant.  In order to send a direct message to high profile accounts, you must have a premium account, if you don’t, now’s the time to get it upgraded.

The structure of outbound messages consists of a subject and body, so use it to its full capacity.

Pro Tips

Ø  When crafting the subject line, come up with something creative that would grab attention, relying on a simple hello won’t do any good.

Ø  When drafting body of the message, don’t assume anything. Simply try to interact as you would in person. The key here is to be open, brief, and switching to the heart of your message fast.

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Follow-Up Message

Try to rely less on automated messaging and more on personalized communication because you don’t want to sound spammy. Focus on creating a compelling copy that’s way far from sounding generic. To ensure success on LinkedIn double down on the personalization and draft each copy individually.

Make the Most out of Your Outreach Campaigns

Ø  Craft the perfect message by maintaining a balance of information and verbosity.

Ø  Personalize the conservation, make sure to do your homework to increase the impact of your message.

Ø  No one wants to read a five-paragraph essay, keep it short, simple and sweet.

Ø  Add something clickable to the copy to interest a potential client and keep them engaged.

Ø  Stick to your core objective in all conversations, don’t draw their attention towards less important matters.

Ø  Be appreciative of the opportunity and courteously thank them for their time before signing off.

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Originally Published April 5, 2020 02:00 PM, Updated April 23, 2020.

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