Tips for choosing the right web design and development agency

Written by Safeer ur Rehman

When it comes to design and development, there is a lot at stake. Your website is where your visitors are going to get their first impression. From your online rankings to retaining customers and boosting conversions, everything depends on how your website is developed. The last thing you want is to lose potential customers to lower search rankings due to a poor user experience. 

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Whether you are a startup looking to get a new website or a brand that wants to redo its design, it’s only natural to wonder how to hire the right agency for the job. At Bester, we believe in empowering our clients with the right information to help them make the right decision. So without any further ado, here are some key factors you need to consider while hiring a web design & development company in the UAE or in your respective region.

List down your requirements

The first thing that you need to do is list down your own requirements. A lot of times clients make rushed decisions and go with the flow which never ends well. While it’s alright to consider a few changes in your predetermined design and functionality, you need to be clear in your mind about what kind of functionality you are looking for. Your entire business model could get affected due to a minor change in functionality.

Having an unclear vision could cost you dearly in the long run. For instance, some development platforms are more suited for some businesses while the others might prove out to be challenging to handle from the marketing perspective. Be in the driving seat of your project and don't let anyone else take the wheel.

Moreover, once the website is handed over to you, you are most likely going to be responsible for its maintenance and management so be sure to select a development platform that is easy to handle for you and your in-house team. 

Check the agency’s capability 

Before you entrust an agency with your project, it’s important to know what they are capable of to see whether or not they have what it takes to handle your specific requirements. Some development agencies specialize in certain industries while others may have a dynamic portfolio. You can get a good idea from their portfolio about their design, development, and content capabilities.

While you are at it, don’t forget to check out the agency’s project success rate and their reviews by former clients. This would also give you a good idea about their technical capabilities.

The cost factor

This is one of the key aspects of decision-making. For a lot of people, it all comes down to which agency is getting the job done at the lowest price. Ask the agency specifically what services they are going to cover apart from development and web design services. Ask if they are going to offer you support and hosting services in your given budget once the project is complete. 

You might find a significant price difference between the newer agencies with a limited portfolio as compared to the more established and reputed agencies such as Bester capital media itself. That’s because the market is flooded by individual freelancers claiming to be an agency but in reality, they are either operating within their own capacity or have a limited inexperienced team that does all the work.

You should always opt for a reputed web development agency with a proven track record even if it means paying a little extra because your website is an important asset of your business and it’s going to define what sort of brand image you are going to have for your audience. 

Ask about their process

Oftentimes projects get delayed or even canceled because there is confusion regarding the process between the agencies and the clients. It’s important to discuss and agree upon the process as well as deliverables by the agency prior to signing the contract to avoid unnecessary delays. Furthermore, it’s also a good idea to have the agency appoint a single person with who you can interact and get updates from. 

Each agency has its own unique process and style of working. What you need to do is figure the fastest way to get your project done.

Ask for estimated deadlines and hold them accountable 

Last but not the least, this may seem obvious but it’s important to set different milestones and negotiate deadlines for each milestone. it’s only natural to exceed a deadline by a day or two but this would not only allow you to check the website’s functionality along the way but also ensure its completion in time.

Originally Published March 30, 2021 01:29 PM, Updated March 30, 2021.

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