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3D Still Images

3D images are realistic, high-resolution renderings of your products or models from various angles and viewpoints. Each render is the most accurate representation of the model design so your abstract blueprints are brought to life in stunning depth and color for impressive reality.

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3D Animations

Create professional 3D animations of your products and architectural designs with expert cuts and edits for a comprehensive video walkthrough of your 3D rendered model. We help you tell the story of your project in a high quality and professional display that is sure to impress and leave lasting impressions on your audience.

Virtual Reality

Provide the ultimate experience when you offer your customers a fully immersive walkthrough of your 3D architecture or automobile model when you’re introducing or launching your product. For powerful brand activation, we help you create a virtual reality that enables your audience to virtually experience your project and get everyone talking about it.

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3D Product Modeling

We bring your products to life with detailed 3D product modeling services that will bring you ahead of your competition. We utilize the latest software to produce full 3D solid CAD models and 2D detailed drawings, as well as other design services to ensure your production is a success. Our 3D CAD modeling team is highly experienced in drafting, CAD, and design analysis.

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Food Models

Despite organic products being particularly challenging when creating 3D models through CGI, we’ve developed an expertise to duplicate any kind of food as a digital duplicate of your product. We make sure the texture, detail and real life behavior is accurate while rendering 3D moles of food, kitchen items, and more.

Real Estate Models

BCM’s 3D Modeling team covers all kinds of 3D real estate modeling and rendering services, including 3D architectural rendering and 3D landscape rendering for commercial or residential buildings, offices etc. Use our photorealistic 3D real estate architectural rendering services to visualize and easily explain your ideas to your clients.

Events & Conferences

3D Interior Design

Our 3D interior designs are highly detailed and impressive enough to help you proudly share your interior design models to your clients. We save you hours of work so you don’t have to worry about creating proportionate and accurate representation of your ideas, and instead focus on being creative and offering the best designs for interiors of offices, restaurants, stages, events, and more.

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"We are really happy with the quality of the 3D Models of our products that we used to showcase our new product line at our global launch event. We were initially concerned with the success of this project but the work BCM delivered was really impressive and gave us the confidence to take their help for 3D modeling services every time."

Dr. Faouzi Al Safadi

Dubai Hospital, Head Surgeon

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