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Create Lasting Impressions with Email Marketing Campaigns and Automation

When your clients are living in a world of hyper communication, you need a personal channel to make lasting impressions about your brand, products, or services. Bester Capital Media helps you design carefully planned email campaigns tailored to segmented audience so you can guarantee engagement and promising results. We also create systemic emails for each stage of your clients’ customer journey so you can focus on creating solutions while nurturing leads. Our automation services help you schedule emails and integrate emails with your app or website for triggered email delivery. Our team helps you monitor results of your email marketing and gathers insights so you can optimize your contacts lists and future email campaigns.

Brand Recognition

Your business needs all the means to stand out from your competitors and other distracting communication aimed at your potential customers and existing clients. Make meaningful connections by answering questions, recommending products, reminding them about your brand or asking for feedback exactly when they are most engaged.

Brand Recognition
Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing

Designed for lead acquisition and lead nurturing, email marketing campaigns influences audience across the buyer's journey including Awareness, Consideration, and Decision, resulting in more clicks and quality conversions. We help you target audience with the right content at the right time using our dynamic segmenting of your contacts based on customer data and prior engagement.

Cost Effective Marketing Channel

While most communication channels cost to reach the exact audience you desire, email marketing is a relatively inexpensive method to market yourself and grow your business. Save valuable money and resources with our expert email marketing services and ensure your emails reach the audience you choose.

cost effective

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Drives sales with powerful email marketing campaign targeted to your customers and potential customers. We help you capture leads by enticing your email recipients to interact with your emails, resulting in lasting impressions with your brand.

Email Campaign Strategy

Our email marketing strategy is carefully designed to allow you full access to coordinate and automate your campaigns and enhance your customer experience. Along with targeted emails based on customer personals and customer journey, we help you automate triggered emails, broadcast emails, auto-responds, email funnels, and more.

Customer Segmentation & Email Funnels

We help you create personas based on prior engagement data and customer journey in order to segment your contacts for targeted emails. With automated email funnels targeted to segmented lists, you can create personalized communication with thousands of existing or potential clients.

Email Directory

We give you access to UAE’s most effective method of email distribution, in the form of Cost Per Click (CPC) email campaigns using the targeted databases and subscriptions of renowned websites and print publications. Reach your desired audience when they are most engaged at a fixed cost.

Gmail Ads

Gmail ads help you reach a wider audience directly without having to maintain contact directories. They appear at the top of users’ Gmail inbox, displayed with a yellow square box that differentiates it from an actual email. We help you create a perfectly engineered Gmail ad copy and content, guaranteed to result in more opens and conversions.

Marketing Automation

Save time by automating your most basic communication without sacrificing a highly engaging communication channel. We deliver AI-powered email marketing so you can set up a welcome series, segment your contacts, and create product, service or cart abandon reminders, and more.

Easy Email Creation & Measurement

We help you create custom, automated goals so you can measure your email marketing efforts. Discover what’s producing effective results and continuously optimize future communication to nurture your leads and find new opportunities. With BCM, you’re able to easily create targeted emails, automate triggered emails, broadcast emails, auto-responds, email funnels, and more.

Unified Interface

Organize your contacts, creatives, and content on a single platform so you can easily plan your marketing campaigns. BCM’s email marketing services allow you to integrate email messages, internal tasks, and email ads, landing pages, calendars, analytics and much more on a unified interface.

Website and App Integration

Our expert email automation team works with you to design careful email integrations with your website and app. We deign processes for triggered emails, auto-responding emails, blog promotions, and more.

Sales & CRM

We meet your sales teams’ requirements with all the sales tools needed for email marketing automation, customer segmenting and powerful marketing campaigns. Our integrations include CRM and email integration to keep all your customer data organized in a single platform.

Copywriting & Creatives

We prepare quality content and creatives for all your email campaigns and triggered emails, as well as the content for campaigns’ landing pages. Our copywriting team will create compelling content to make sure you get the maximum clicks each time your email is seen by existing or potential clients.

Event & Blog Promotion

Our email marketing team creates custom campaigns for your team, helping you promote your workshops, webinars, launch events, etc. We also create automated email campaigns to promote your blog so your readers are updated with the latest content published on your site, which helps you maintain interest and increase site visits.

CTR and Conversion Optimization

Our email marketing strategy and content guarantees email open and conversion rate. We optimize email campaigns to ensure your emails are relevant and catch the audience’s attention, which guarantees increased sales and brand recognition.

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"Bester Capital Media delivered impactful and intuitive email marketing campaigns, specific to every aspect of our business. It allowed us to engage more with our audience that was segmented so perfectly at a manageable cost."

Dr. Praveen

University Hospital Sharjah, Digital Media Head

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