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Extensive Reach

Live Broadcasting helps you make new, lasting connections with your audience. Unlike other methods of communication, live streams allow you to be authentic and receive instant feedback in real time without any editing. We broadcast your livestreams on all popular platforms so you reach a wider audience.

Connect With Audience
Unlimited Creativity

Unlimited Creativity

Because livestreams are a perfect way to show your unlimited creativity to highlight your brand, products, and services, we make sure you generate enough excitement for your livestreams by helping you broadcast online and reach more people.

Brand Recognition

Livestreams are the most convincing human element that helps you stand out above your competition, so your audience will choose your brand whenever they need what you offer. This is a low-cost method communicate with your community, increasing engagement and loyalty.

Extensive Reach & Brand Recognition

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Multi-Channel Live Streaming

Multi-Channel Live Broadcasting

We help you reach more people by broadcasting you live, simultaneously on a multi-channel stream to any social or online platform. We make sure our live broadcasting is accessible on handheld devices so your audience doesn’t miss out your event due to technical difficulties. With multi-channel live broadcasting, you’re able to broadcast your event to any device and connect with your followers at home, work, or on the go. Broadcasting to social media increases your audience, so we make sure your live session is accessible through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

Events & Conferences

Events & Conferences

Our live broadcasting tools help you plan your events and livestream your sessions, including business meetings, conferences, seminars, panel discussions, interviews, product launches, fashion shows, musical performances, sports events, live debates, and more. We help you broadcast in real-time to increase the impact and reach of your speakers, so you’re not limited to the physical space you planned for your event. With live broadcasting your events, you’re able to extend your impact across the globally with superior viewing experience.

Quality Video Production

Our Live Broadcasting is guaranteed to give your digital attendees a life-like experience because of our high-quality video production. To add dynamic experience to your event, we use multiple camera angles and input channels that is professionally switched to deliver multi-camera transitions, and graphics such as digital watermarks, branding, and sponsor messaging. Not only do we use proper equipment to capture your events live, we also use advanced tools so the video quality isn’t compromised when you amplify your live sessions across the globe.

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"Bester Capital Media has expert staff created a high-quality broadcasting stream and also helped us set-up, test and execute the live stream of our event. We were able to capture a lot of insight from their feedback monitoring team, which helped us gather data about our business."

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