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Captivate Audience with the Big Screen Impact


Shan, a global food brand specializing in spices and recipe mixes wanted to increase their reach for a broad range of potential customers. To cater this, BCM developed an end to end On-Screen Cinema Advertising Strategy to hit 11 major cinemas across the UAE showing Kalank (Bollywood Movie) in April & May 2019. The launch was planned just before Ramadan, a time where the food industry blooms. Providing a subtle and suggestive solution of advertisement to an attentive, captive audience, BCM was able to broaden the brand’s reach and increase sales.

On Screen Cinema Advertising

The Biggest Crowd Puller Inside Cinema Halls – from Parking Lots to the Silver Screen

Attracted the Right Audience

Since a Bollywood movie captures the attention of South Asian audience and resonates with them, therefore, advertising local spices to them was relevant. Enabling them to look into other great options that are not only high quality and globally renowned was a good shot. Also, the On Screen Cinema Ads were able to attract the attention of foreign audience making them try something new thus developing their “taste” for South Asian cuisine.



Stupendous Sales Growth

On Screen Cinema Advertising being a good geographic targeting opportunity and a tactical media vehicle helped BCM increase Shan’s sales by 58%. Due to silver screen advertising, the brand found themselves in a better position with more customers making in-store purchases of Shan’s spices, recipe mixes and pastes.



Boosted Engagement

With BCM’s smart advertising strategy in place, Shan experienced a massive increase in brand engagement both online and offline. Bester’s efforts to foster long-term loyalty triggered the target audience to like, share, comment and contribute to the brand’s narrative.



New Horizons

Adding another channel of communication for the food brand, BCM thought “out of the box” rather than going with conventional advertising methods. Having Shan’s ads displayed on a different medium other than TV and social, cinema ads proved to be a fruitful option in terms of increasing the brand’s reach, helping them build brand awareness among new customers while also solidifying their image with people who already knew them.



"Bester Capital Media played an instrumental role in developing an innovative On Screen Cinema Advertising strategy. After seeing the true potential of this new form of media, we’re now allocating more of our marketing budget on it. Merging advertising with the movie has certainly strengthened our position as a food brand"

Director Marketing & Sales, Shan Foods



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