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The Blacksmith


Chef Orelle, better known as the Pitmaster started a food venture in Dubai by the name of The Blacksmith Smokehouse. Aiming to introduce the authentic American taste in the gulf region, they chose Bester Capital Media as their growth partners to enhance their organic visibility on search engines to bring in more foodies to their restaurant.

Being featured on Khaleej Times and nominee for The Pro Chef Awards 2019, the owner of the steak house wanted a similar online reputation to make it easier for people to reach out to them. Taking this as an opportunity to further expand on its capability in terms of catering the hospitality sector, BCM strategized their digital marketing plan and identified key issues centering around development, on-page SEO, keyword optimization, speed enhancement & legitimate traffic footfall that were hindering the business to perform at its full capacity.

By Seasoning the Steak House’s Overall SEO Strategy

We Ensured

Experience Augmentation

After carrying out a detailed audit of their website, BCM addressed many development concerns including attribution issues, 404 errors, navigation, load time on desktop & mobile optimization amongst many other technical aspects to enhance the overall experience.

Retention Increased


Traffic Growth

With proper on-page optimization techniques incorporating the placement of alt tags, meta titles & descriptions, search console error rectification, internal linking and using the right balance of industry keywords at all levels of the website, BCM increased their traffic.

Visitors Increased:




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