WorkVitals Solution

Employee Management Technology now incorporate


There is a need of an art and science for keeping workforce engagement intact. The WorkVitals being cloud-based software is accessible 24/7 and everywhere. It is a workforce management platform that integrates utilities such as Shift Scheduling, Time & Attendance, Payroll, Cost control, HR, Forecasting & People Analytics, and beyond, in order to simplify the staff management lifecycle in an intuitive way for businesses. WorkVitals gives you full visibility and greater control over your workforce. No matter what the size of your business, we have a plan designed specifically for you. Trusted by over large businesses around the world..

Employees' managed under one umbrella of WorkVital's Solution.

Schedule Smart

Shifts can be designed in fully automatic manner which detects conflicts if any and can be swapped among employees. Employees' personal data along with time off, all managed under one umbrella of employee management.

Reduce Operational Cost:


Forecast Utilization

Employees' day-to-day and demographic data is used for forecasting and decision making. Bunch of reports based on real-time data captured, help managers in decision making and forecasting.

Productivity Up:


Notifications of all activities across application send to employees.

24/7 access; location-based



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