B’huth Website

Transforming UX for Research in UAE


Our research proved that a unique design flow for all the information on the website show flow horizontally rather than vertically. All information, from their mission & vision video, to relevant filtered, international news and current key projects.

Transforming USER EXPERIENCE for Research

Experience Map

Bester Capital Media likes to get things right and it means actually getting users involved in all major steps of the project. Our first task was to conduct an ethnography research to understand users, their motivations, their needs and context across various digital channels and devices when it comes to research. This became our essential stepping stone for our entire UX strategy.

Digital growth:


Information Architecture

Based on the personas and research data, we defined the architecture of b’huth’s website. The primary motivation for us was to keep it real and relevant to the user’s requirements who were all researchers from various fields.


15 Yrs

Proposed designs for first impressions and recollection qualities.

Design is About Thinking



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